Instagram Follow Bot: New Crazy Possibilities for Account Promotion

Instagram Follow Bot

If you click the link out of curiosity, probably you are an Instagrammer who is desperate to attract new followers to your account. Probably you’ve used all the methods, ranging from the posting of great professional photos to the adding all possible popular hashtags to your captions. If it hasn’t worked out, it’s high time to try some new staff, Instagram follow bot, for instance.

Out of kindness, I decided to share my own secrets of growing IG audience. Embrace yourself for the long ride into the world of the effective promotional campaign!

Why do you need a lot of followers?

There are just several significant reasons for you to want MORE.  

  • The first one is vanity satisfaction. If there are thousands of people who are following you, you immediately begin to feel more confident.
  • The second one is the increase in the attractiveness of the account. There is an opinion that it’s crucial for you to have more supporters due to gregarious feeling. People seeing that you have a lot of followers tend to follow you too.
  • The third one is the maintenance of your status. The fact is that, let’s say, the status of a user of a social network is determined by the number of its fans (in other words, people who are interested in his work and activities in general). This may explain the desire of some people to increase the cherished number of those who are following them and watching their news.
  • The fourth reason is the ability to show yourself off. Now it’s quite trendy to have a promoted till the heaven account on IG. You can boast of the number of your admirers.
the number of your admirers
  • The fifth reason is purely commercial. A lot of products and services offer to place an advertisement on an account with a large number of supporters. The more fans you have, the higher the price of such ads. Cause every like is a person who can make a purchase. That’s the business.
  • For businesses, more followers means the ability to attract the target audience and promote their goods and services. In addition, it is the additional traffic to their websites.

What’s more essential, all the supporters must be REAL. A live audience is what you really need, whatever aim you are guided. Sometimes people are tempted to buy instant followers, but mostly, they are fakes. They will bring you no use, but surely they can help to leave a favorable impression on potential fans. But we’ll discuss it a little bit later.

How many followers is “a lot?”

To start promoting your IG profile, you initially need to set a task, for instance, to find and attract 2548 fans per month or 27 people per day. The figures can be any, even a million, excessive ambitions have not hurt anyone yet. But before you decide on the number, you need to know at what the “followers point” your profile will start to bring some benefits. Naturally, the more supporters, the better. But according to some statistics, an account begins to deliver the first results only after the number of its supporters exceeds the 500 people. But this does not mean that having got your 500, you should stop there.


By the way, the most promoted profiles on Instagram are gaining more than a million likes a day. The TOP 3 Instagram accounts: Cristiano Ronaldo with 148mln, Selena Gomez with 144.5mln and Ariana Grande with her 138.8mln. Well, you have something to look forward to!

So that’s not a surprise that people resort to different methods and tactics to move closer to achieving similar numbers. If you want to know why I consider Instagram follow bot to be the best option, keep reading!

Methods of gaining more followers

There are two main types of promotional methods: free and paid. Let’s look deeper at them and find out what are the benefits of each of them.

Before you begin to calculate how much money will go to the advertising campaign for your account, you need to look at and explore free means of promotion, which can save some of your money.

Free Methods

  • Interesting and high-quality content. The most obvious method. The one that requires efforts. Unique and interesting content always attract followers.
  • Using hashtags for mutual follows/likes. Many people earn on promoted accounts on IG because it is quite a profitable business. And in order to minimize their expenses for profile promotion, the hashtags #follow, #follower, #followforfollow and so on have become so popular on Instagram. They help the user to find like-minded people and make mutual follows. Of course, it is extremely difficult to gain a million supporters this way, but the advantage of this method is that this audience is real people, not fake accounts. But will they be engaged? I doubt.
  • Promotion account through a particular application. For users who want to cheat to get more fans on IG on their own, there is good news. There are special applications, where you complete some tasks and get points for that. Later you can exchange them for likes and follows.
  • Following ordinary Instagrammers. Statistics show that IG users often reciprocate, if someone follows them, you can also leave comments, likes for their accounts. There is a possibility that the user can view the profile of the person who was active on his account and follow him/her. Mutual PR is a joint promotion of non-competing accounts.
IG users

Paid methods

Paid ways of promotion have the lowest labor intensity and relatively more significant financial costs.

  • Buying followers through paid services. When choosing a paid service, you need to make sure that it provides only live fans who will be active on your profile. In addition to the actual purchase itself, such services offer the following services: tracking of activity on the account, analysis of the most popular publications, statistics and so on. To work on some services, a special program is needed, some services work online.
  • Instagram advertising. An advertisement is created by the account owner independently, after which it appears in the Feeds of your target audience. Then they can go through the advertisement, see the advertised profile and follow it, or simply ignore it. So that’s not the most reliable method.
  • Advertising in popular profiles. You can buy an advert at the popular influencer or micro-influencer. You know their audience is loyal and engaged, people trust them, so if you agree on such cooperation with one of them, it will bring you a lot of new supporters. But sometimes such a blogger is hard to find. Moreover, the ads of some of the opinion leader can be very pricey. Today, they are spoiled with choice.
  • Automation tools. This method is considered to be one of the most reasonable alternatives. The principle of their work is to imitate real human behavior, automating all the activity that can be done by any person. Their functionality is quite vast, ranging from automated likes to automated Direct Messages. Moreover, they can promise the 100% result in spite of any other method.
Automation tools

How to use an Instagram bot to follow and like?

While you are thinking over all the existing methods, others have already enjoyed the results. So how do people use a bot to follow on Instagram? As I have already said, modern bot posses a number of features which can uplevel your promotion. But before you set up all of them, take a couple of minutes to adjust proper targeting. IG bot allows hashtags, usernames, and geo-targeting. Some great tools offer advanced targeting with gender and language filters.  Once you point out all possible settings, the bot starts taking actions.

  • Instagram follow bot provides the automated following of your target audience.
  • IG like bot attracts the attention of it by liking their Feed and comments.
  • Automated comments are useful if you want to convince your TA in your genuine interest.
  • Automated Direct Messages. It is a heavyweight. If you want not only increase your audience’s ER but to drive sales, auto DM is exactly what you need.
  • Stories Viewing. Great perks. Your TA will see that you watch their Stories, 100% they will go to your profile to watch yours, and if your content is excellent, wait for new followers.
  • Stats. Obligatory point for promotion. It’s better to track statistics every day to learn whether the campaign is effective or not. Moreover, you will see the users’ reaction to your posts. Maybe, you will find out that they love your pet more than you (like in my case.)

Sometimes, you can come across the bots which offer additional perks like scheduled posting and hashtags generator. Oh, they will make your life twice easy.

  • Using the option of scheduling posts, you enable wise time management. Besides, you can fix the time of posting, which will be the best for your TA. That’s the effectivity of your content will increase.
  • Hashtags generator is the tool which can compile lists of most suitable hashtags by your photo, keyword, and URL. So you won’t have to brainstorm searching for proper tags for your posts.

How to use an Instagram bot to unfollow people who don’t follow you?

Naturally, that due to the bot’s work, the number of your Followings will grow rapidly. That makes not the best impression on your potential followers. So using automatic unfollow feature is a must-do.

All you need to do is to adjust the right settings. You can choose what users a bot will unfollow. It can be only those made by a bot (all or only not mutual), or all those who don’t follow you, or even all of them. It’s up to you, so to say.

With an Instagram bot unfollow people who don’t follow you, and you will see that your profile is becoming more attractive to Instagrammers.

unfollow people

Why using automation tools is the best choice?

There are 3 reasons to use an IG bot, from my point of view.

  • The first one is high performance. The bot performs a great number of interactions with other users providing you with new likes, follows, and comments. I can say it works with dispatch.
  • The second one is security. If you worry that you can get an account block from Instagram administration, I assure you, it’s in vain. Thanks to the applied algorithms of such tools, all the actions are taken within the IG limits. So there are no risks to lose your account.
  • Besides, savings of your funds. Yes, you may say, “Hello? It’s a paid service!” Yes, but taking into account the exceptional result you will receive using it (which can be compared only with the work of SMM-specialist), it’s not only relatively cheap, it’s super beneficial. No advertising campaign can compare with the direct interactions with the target audience.

How to add a bot to Instagram to follow and unfollow?

Above all, I’d like you to choose the right automation tool. While choosing, pay attention to the reviews of their clients, narrow your search to two IG bots.

Then try to write a message to support team to check whether they really exist and work professionally.

Pay attention to the price. Remember, there cheaper the service, the more faults you will see in its work. Quality tool set the corresponding prices.

Besides, the payment methods are also important- there should be only reliable payment services which you can trust.  

Then take a trial. During the trial period (usually lasts for 3 days) try to analyze the level of performance, the number of interactions with the users.

Final word

If you are dreaming of getting more likes for your posts, winning new engaged followers, communicate with your audience closely, there are a lot of methods, indeed. You can do that without spending even a dime for that, or you can spend a fortune. I did my best to describe each of them. Now it’s your turn to choose. All I can do is to wish you good luck. Keep It Player!

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