21 Fitness Girls Instagram Is Proud Of: Strike Sparks Off Each Other!

Fitness girls Instagram

Starting to engage in any sport, each of us motivates himself. For some, it’s a story of a friend that has turned into a whole bunch of muscles in a couple of years, for someone this promise to be a candy for the summer, and for someone it’s sexy fitness models, which is so easy to follow on Instagram, in order to then follow their transformation. But one needs to learn for all – the sport requires persistence!

Fitness models are part of the Instagram movement, as well as many girls use similar social networks to make money on advertising and media content, collect the fan base, show their bodies and help others achieve their fitness goals.

We thought it was time to continue the tradition of posting the collection of accounts of fitness girls Instagram. Scroll down and get inspired!

Start low, go slow, but GO!

  1. Jennifer Nicole Lee. The USA, 44 years, 333K followers.

  2. Jennifer Nicole Lee

    Nicole is a perfect example of how you can look like having two children. This girl once weighed 77 pounds, with growth of 175cm, and after she gave birth to the second child, she recovered even more. Overcoming shame and discomfort, she began to play sports. She took over so thoroughly that she was able to lose 30 pounds, and then even won the contest “Miss Bikini America”. This victory over herself, her laziness and self-doubt, made Jennifer one of the most successful fitness models. Today Jennifer Nicole Lee is a professional trainer, model, author of many books on fitness, and a loving mother that never ceases to motivate many girls to start a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Cassandra Martin. The USA, 27 years, 2 million followers. 

  4. Cassandra Martin

    One of the hottest fitness models Cassandra Martin strongly pumped hands, feet, buttocks, and abs, but this does not make her figure less feminine and attractive. Martin enjoys bodybuilding, and she is popular, including among men. The Instagram model has more than 2 million followers. Cassandra Martin shows followers the footage of her workouts, talks about proper nutrition, advertises dietary supplements, and sports nutrition.

  5. Sandy Skopljak. Finland, 25 years, 671K followers.

  6. Sandy Skopljak

    Sandy is one of the most successful and well-known Instagram fitness girls. She was a cheerleader for the National Football League and a full-fledged representative of the site “bodybuilding.com”. Ahhh! Jamie has nearly 671K followers on Instagram and has appeared on numerous covers of fitness magazines. She is one of the most recognizable people in the industry. She is currently working on her beachwear line and has already released her line of nutritional supplements.

  7. Michelle Levin. Venezuela, 33 years, 13,4 million followers.

  8. Michelle Levin

    Michelle is one of the sexiest fitness girls that can motivate. She’s 33 years old, and she is in great shape. Michelle Levine is a famous model. She even posed for “Playboy”. Also, she is a bodybuilder and bikini model. Michelle enjoys what she does, and like a child enjoys a new vein that has come out. She trains to exhaustion, and if it is not possible to go to the gym, Michelle will find an alternative: a bicycle, rollers, hiking, and many other things.

  9. Ashley Freeman. Australia, 30 years, 159K followers.

  10. Ashley Freeman

    One of the fitness girls Instagram is Australian model Ashley Freeman calls herself a fitness enthusiast. The star does not like photoshoots for fashion magazines. The girl is more attracted by the prospect of training other people, coming up with new methods of training, writing books about sports. Despite this, Ashley Freeman is the face of sports brands in Australia. Freeman believes that sport should be useful and fun, her account is signed by more than 150 thousand people.

  11. Ia Ostergren. Sweden, 35 years, 241K followers.

  12. Ia Ostergren

    Swedish fitness model, in addition to a beautiful trained body, has another feature – long legs. With a total growth of 178 cm, Ostergren’s legs reach 108 cm. In childhood, the girl considered this a disadvantage but later learned to emphasize this feature, as a result of which she became a popular fitness blogger. Now she has more than 240 thousand followers on Instagram.

  13. Lais DeLeon. Brazil, 31 years, 911K followers.

  14. Lais DeLeon

    She is one of the hottest fitness girls from Brazil. Lais started training at the age of 19. Then the girl already worked as a model, so it was necessary to keep yourself in shape. Sports have become so obsessed with the fact that she decided to become a fitness model. Now her Instagram account has more than 900 thousand followers. In her spare time blogger loves to travel and cook.

  15. Jamie Eason. The USA, 43 years, 299K followers.

  16. Jamie Eason

    Jamie started playing sports in college, but after her graduation, she gave up this difficult occupation. At that time she was looking for herself and work. One day, her colleague in the office asked her to become a cheerleader, and she became one. After a tough selection round, she achieved her goal. But still not becoming a supporter of a sedentary lifestyle in the office, Jamie began to visit the gym. She felt all the charm of light and beautiful body. Jamie Eason is now the face of the website “bodybuilding.com” in-demand model, a mother, a businesswoman, which markets its line of swimwear and sports nutrition. She has over a million followers on her Facebook page, and she has also started writing fitness literature. Even more incredible in Jamie is that she has suffered breast cancer and does not allow health problems to interfere with her career or goals.

  17. Svetlana Bilyalova. Russia, 30 years, 6,2 million followers.

  18. Svetlana Bilyalova

    One of the Russian hot fitness girls from Moscow Svetlana Bilyalova is very popular on the Internet. Bilyalova’s profile on Instagram is followed by more than 6 million people. The star shows the followers a photo of the figure and a video from the gym. Svetlana has a child, but it does not prevent her from taking care of herself and being in wonderful shape. The girl motivates followers to play sports and proves that an attractive figure is possible even after childbirth.

  19. Jen Selter. The USA, 25 years, 12,8 million followers.

  20. Jen Selter

    24-year-old model and fitness instructor from Los Angeles Jen Selter conquered Instagram. More than 12 million people signed up for Selter’s account. In social networks, the girl shares with followers the secrets of harmony talks about proper nutrition and sports training. Also, one of the fitness girls Instagram conducts fitness training and helps people who wish to lose weight. 

  21. Paige Hathaway. The USA, 32 years, 4,1 million.

  22. Paige Hathaway

    Today, 32-year-old Paige Hathaway is one of the hottest girls in fitness of America. It’s hard to believe, but until recently she was an ordinary thin woman, for whom health and a beautiful figure were not a priority. In 2011, she came to the gym and began to work on themselves and prepare for the 1st competition of bikini models. After 4 months of hard training, she took second place in the main tournament. Then Paige decided to devote his life to the sport. She is now developing its own system of exercises and is actively promoting strength training.

  23. Mandy Rose (Amanda Saccomanno). The USA, 27 years, 1,8 million followers.

  24. Mandy Rose

    26-year-old fitness model was born and raised in Westchester (a suburb of New-York). In childhood, Mandy did not play with dolls, she played in basketball and rode a bicycle. She calls athletics her “second nature”. She is also a certified children’s speech therapist, which did not prevent success in fitness. In August 2014, she received the main title of WBF Diva Bikini Pro World Champion at the most prestigious fitness competition in the world and became the official representative of the American manufacturer of sports nutrition USN. 

  25. Sitora Banu. Tatarstan, 28 years, 1,7 million followers.

  26. Sitora Banu

    Sitora is 27-year-old beauty with an unusual name who was born in Kazan. Many years ago, she moved to Dubai, wherein 2010 she created the fashion brand Sitorabanu, which produces sunglasses, bikinis, and swimwear. In addition to her brand, today Sitora pose for glossy magazines and advertising. She is the Ambassador of the manufacturers of the Shredz SportFood and SkinnyBunnyTea.

  27. Qimmah Russo. The USA, 28 years. 1,2 million followers.

  28. Qimmah Russo

    25-year-old Qimmah Russo is a great example when a girl combines femininity and athleticism. A dark-skinned beauty from New-York since childhood dreamed of becoming an obstetrician, but family traditions took their toll: your father is a baseball player, her mother played field hockey, and her older brother is engaged in American football, there is no other way but to go to the sport. So she became a professional fitness trainer, as well as the founder of the popular club Q-Flex Fitness.

  29. Elizabeth Lopez. Spain, 29 years. 2,1 million followers.

  30. Elizabeth has become one of the most influential people in everything related to fitness modeling, personal training, and integrated nutrition. Her Instagram page has already collected more than two million followers. The girl is mostly popular with those women who don’t want to look skinny, have an hourglass figure, or can’t reach that figure though trying. Thanks to his advice in the field of beauty, exercise, outdoor activities, and style of life. In general, Elizabeth became a guru and propaganda of a healthy lifestyle with realistic expectations.

    Elizabeth Lopez
  31. Izabel Goulart. Brazil, 34 years. 4,5 million followers.

  32. Izabel Goulard is fitness girls Instagram model from Brazil, and she has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. From 2005 to 2008, she was one of the angels of “Victoria’s Secret”, and has long worked with “Armani Exchange”. She is not only beautiful and sexy, but her figure is also perfect. It can not be called “thin as a model”, but it is elegant and fit. Izabel contradicts the stereotype that models look skinny and unhealthy. Her Instagram page is an inspiration for anyone who would like to work on their body or needs additional inspiration in order to force themselves to go to the gym. Her photos on this social media website are becoming more and more popular.

    Izabel Goulart
  33. Caitlin Rice. The USA, 25 years. 1,3 million followers.

  34. Caitlin Rice

    Caitlin has more than a million followers on Instagram, and they dream of getting the same attractive butt as Caitlin through exhausting workouts someday. Besides, Caitlin is also strikingly beautiful. Although she currently resides in Canada, Caitlin is originally from Dallas, Texas. She considers herself an athlete and a model. She looks great and also she works out hard. On her Instagram page, she posts photos of her exercises, food, and lifestyle in general. Caitlin is proud that she motivates people to move to a healthier lifestyle and gets great pleasure from it!

  35. Mary Helen Bowers. The USA, 40 years, 563K followers. 

  36. Mary Helen Bowers

    Mary Helen Bowers has a unique profile on Instagram, as she is a professional ballerina, model, and coach. She attracted the attention of the whole country after posting her photos, in which she dances, being in the last months of pregnancy.

    Instead of traditional sports with weight, Mary Helen has developed a new kind of training using movements from ballet. She offers a personal trainer, as well as group classes, along with advice on nutrition, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle. Her set of exercises can not be called stereotypical fitness classes, but it’s another good way to achieve good health and longevity… All the power in the dance!

  37. Dianna Dahlgren. The USA, 29 years. 478K followers.

  38. Dianna Dahlgren

    Diana Dahlgren is considered one of the most beautiful fitness models in the world. She has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram. This girl has a lot of experience as a model, as she started modeling at the age of 13. At the age of 19, Diana wanted something more and started taking part in fitness competitions. So she met new people from the industry. She has a lot of followers on all social media, and many men are in love with her. In 2011, she took first place in the competition Phoenix Pro. Diana also toured the country as a model for Supercross. If you want to have the same body as her — follow her pages on social media.

  39. Amanda Bisk. Australia,  28 years, 725K followers.

  40. Amanda Bisk

    Amanda Bisk is considered an Instagram superstar. She has come from Australia and was once a pole runner who dreamed of participating in the Olympic games. However, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. After trying to treat her symptoms, she gave up her dream of participating in the Olympic games and took up yoga. She started taking pictures and posting her photos on Instagram. Soon her page has gained incredible fame. Amanda inspired a lot of people to start practicing yoga with her photos in difficult poses and demonstrating her incredible flexibility. Her photos are evidence that it is not necessary to kill yourself in the gym to get a beautiful and toned body.

  41. Cally Clarice. The USA, 34 years, 181K followers.

    1. Cally Clarice

      Cally Clarice is considered one of the most inspiring fitness models in the world, with over 180,000 followers on Instagram. She is the winner of beauty contests in bikinis, as well as a hot supporter of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She has a perfect body, and all her followers want to achieve the same result, exactly copying everything she does. She constantly posts photos of her workouts, as well as photos of how she cooks healthy food in the kitchen.

      Kelly is also not a “thin as a stick” model. She has seductive curves of the body, which are in perfect harmony with her looks. She puts a lot of effort to maintain the beauty of her body, and you have to admit that the muscles of her stomach look just amazing.

      Final word

      To have a slim figure and fit body, it is necessary not only to lead a healthy lifestyle but also eat right and spend time in the gym. On the way to achieve this goal, the strength of mind and perseverance are also important. Besides, you need motivation! You can get it in large numbers by viewing the profiles of Instagram beauties, which we have collected in our review.

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