Profession: Content Marketer. What Is Content Marketer’s Mission?

What Is Content Marketer’s Mission

A content marketer is a specialist who develops and implements a content strategy: from selecting a news feed to preparing a content plan, sites searching, and presentation of written materials.

A content marketer distributes useful information to any user, thereby drawing his attention and enhancing the credibility of the company, products or services. A competent specialist will disseminate exclusively relevant, high-quality and valid information, which is not an advertisement but performs similar functions. Such specialists promote the brand unobtrusively and covertly, increase trust and attract the attention of the target audience.

What is a content marketer?

It is misguided to assume that a good copywriter can become a content marketer. It is not enough to be able to write awesome text and insert buzzwords into the text. 

You need to understand what content is needed at a particular moment. It’s also important to think about the content usefulness. How to use content to turn the reader into a client?

This person must answer all the questions of the potential client tactfully and unobtrusively to sell a product or service. However, content is more than just texts, and a content craftsman should be able to use alternative materials.

  • Infographics.
  • Podcasts.
  • Texts.
  • Presentations.
  • Videos and GIFs.

You can communicate with a potential client in a variety of ways, and a content marketer should be able to do this through a whole set of diverse communications. To sum up, the content marketer is a specialist who invents and realizes (often not without the help of copywriters) a detailed strategy or plan for creating useful content for the target audience, as well as its high-quality and effective distribution.

Content marketer job description 

A content marketer’s daily responsibilities are quite extensive. He has a great responsibility, and therefore many tasks will have to be addressed. It’s not easy to meet these challenges aimed at winning any competition according to the modern market requires. Most companies set several standard requirements for content marketers, inviting them to these vacancies.

content marketer

So, well, what does a content marketer do?

  • Promote sales campaigns.
  • Create a content plan.
  • Improve ranking due to a collection of on-page and off-page methods.
  • Regulates, studies and analyzes on-site behavioral factors.
  • Draw up a site promotion plan.
  • Highlight the weakness of the brand.
  • Suggest ways out of the crisis. 

You should know that you can’t focus solely on sales or service offers. This might give the impression that you are exclusively interested in commerce, and the client is completely uninteresting. To increase the level of trust, the specialist must understand that all the content has to be useful and most importantly, fascinating.

How to become a content marketer?

A content marketer should combine many useful qualities and be able to perform a ton of duties. Let’s consider the skills and qualities of an experienced content marketer! 

1. A well-bred speech and an inquisitive mind are the main qualities of a content marketer. It is necessary to find, evaluate, analyze data, and convey it to a potential client beautifully and creatively.

2. If you are a person vying for an opening as a content marketer, you need to: 

  • Know the basics of usability, master the SMM and direct-marketing principles.
  • Understand how search engines and SEO work.
  • To be the developer’s right hand. It is another task of such a specialist. It is not necessary to study CSS and HTML, but you will have to understand how it works. It helps to find a common language with other team members, which is extremely important for effective work.
content marketer job description

3. A content marketer should understand and use the power of his creativity. You won’t need to know Photoshop ideally, but you need to visualize the content. Well-developed taste doesn’t interfere. If you know what I mean.

4. Spidey sense and creative skills are necessary. It will take considerable skill to notice everything and use the information. The showman’s ability doesn’t hurt.

5. Good planning skills will help the content marketer correctly distribute the forces, materials, and information throughout the marketing campaign. It is important to be a strategist and tactician to ultimately get the desired result.

A correct, worthy specialist must be able to easily put himself in the place of the consumer or the potential client. This is the only way to find out what effect will produce a marketing hook.

Employability of a content marketer

Did you know that 94% of small businesses (less than 99 employees) use some form of content marketing to grow their businesses?  That’s a staggering number, and almost hard to believe.

But it’s true. Yes, nearly every small business out there is creating blogs, articles, eBooks, white papers, newsletters and more to try to attract and retain customers. And then nearly all of those are pushing that content out in the form of tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn updates.

small businesses

Here’s the bad news: just one in three believe it’s helping their businesses.

Any business needs a content marketer. Previously, this profession was incomprehensible to the employer. There were vacancies for both editors and PR managers, although a content marketer was required. 

Let’s look at the situation when a content marketer is much-needed. 

  • Employers invite such specialists to promote and sell low-quality or poor product in itself. A competent specialist will be able to succeed in this field, but it will be a one-time success, and you can’t count on loyal customers in any way.
  • There is an option when the products didn’t initially claim to any decent level. For example, imagine the store “Everything for fifty cents.” It is clear what products there will be, no one expects sky-high quality, and therefore a marketing campaign can be built precisely on cheapness, and not on anything else.
  • An employer may not even imagine who his target audience is, and what potential customers need. A competent content marketer will help here, who will figure out all the nuances and correctly build a strategy and tactics.

Final word

Content marketing will help to find and retain a loyal audience, that is, people interested in the brand. 

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