Trick Question: How Much Does YouTube Pay?

YouTube pay

YouTube service is a project from Google, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity as an effective promotion tool for many advertisers. How to make money on YouTube? — No less urgent issue that requires a clear explanation and a specific procedure of action. 

On the Internet, many posts on the topic of earnings on Youtube, but they do not disclose all the principles. Of course, the flagship popularization of video content was the clips Gangnam Style. This is the most striking and characteristic example of how to make money on Youtube with payment for watching videos. But how much does YouTube pay per view? Let’s analyze in detail the scheme of its work.

YouTube Pay Rate: How to make money?

The main principle of earning money is that you make money links from advertisers who place their links on the videos have created or posted by you. How to start earning money on YouTube? How much does YouTube pay?  To do this, you need to become either a YouTube partner or agree with the appropriate intermediary company, which will search for advertisers for the downloaded content and take its Commission for this. Of course, it is more profitable to negotiate with Youtube itself, but it is much more difficult and your account must have some kind of requirements. To begin with, consider where to start your earnings on YouTube to enter into an affiliate agreement directly, and not to pay interest to an external Agency.

  • Creation of the author’s video clips. 

Ideally, you should be the author and owner of all your videos. This can be done with a camera or even a mobile phone. At the same time, there is a possibility of earning in Youtube using other people’s videos, but the money will be less, but more on that later. The main rule is — you need to focus on the theme of the account and all video materials regarding a specific category. You will be able to clearly identify your position for future advertisers and transparently prove yourself in the further promotion of the video profile. If you are an expert in a certain segment and can competently talk about it or even more – to teach, this method is the most characteristic and you will be able to monetize traffic as quickly as possible and start earning on Youtube. How much does YouTube pay? Read the information below!

  • Regularly update the video feed. 

The most successful option is to upload your author’s video at least once every 3 days. Better to let the content be prepared and of high quality. Thus, by choosing the right topic in advance, which is popular and requested on the Internet, you have a better chance to attract advertisers for their specifics. It is best to decide in advance on the subject of all videos, it can be as recommendations for the promotion of sites (as advertisers can be agencies offering services to promote sites and training centers), and

  • Work with subscribers. 

Your account must have at least 1,000 followers. This amount is not difficult to earn. That’s why we recommend identifying the content and format of the video. People will want to receive more news and will subscribe to Your updates. And if you create videos on different topics, it will be much more difficult to find your audience of subscribers in different ways. In general, become an expert in your industry and prove yourself as a person who understands the chosen direction and can teach and tell a lot of useful information to everyone.

YouTube pay per view
  • Work on views. 

Each video must have at least 1000 views. In the future, we will touch on the question of how to promote your video on YouTube and make it popular from internal optimization of the video to external promotion. These requirements and their implementation remove a certain barrier from your account. As a result, if there is full compliance, you can send an affiliate application to Youtube and earn directly by receiving charges from the video channel. 

How much does YouTube pay?

We have considered what you need to start earning on Youtube, now consider how much and what exactly to pay the company to the authors of video content. To achieve the maximum effect, as we have said before, your video should be as much as possible related to a specific topic that may be of interest to the user. As a result, you get money for clicks on links that are placed on your video and when you view it perform its advertising function. 

This indicator of YouTube pay per view varies from country to country:

Great Britain8,42$

YouTube pay scale: Types and methods of earnings on Youtube

  • Earnings on Youtube using Google Adsense. 

If you are the author of all the videos and shoot interesting movies, advertising, clips at a high level and expect tens of thousands of views, then it makes sense to directly enter into a contract with the partner program Google. However, it is not easy. Your account should be incredibly popular and your video should have thousands of views. The result of such an affiliate program is the fact that the Corporation automatically searches for the subject of your video advertisers. And the more often they will click on the links posted on the video, the more deductions you will receive. 

  • Earning money by advertising an external web site. 

How much does YouTube pay? This principle of earnings on YouTube is very similar to the interaction with contextual advertising Google Adwords. The more clicks you make on a pop-up ad with key ads, the more likely it is that a product or service will be ordered. But firstly, you need to decide whether to conduct an independent search for advertisers or do it through the intermediary companies of the channel.

How much does YouTube pay

How much does YouTube pay per view?

As a rule, the company is ready to pay from 50% of the realized income to its authors. Some intermediaries are ready to offer more favorable conditions, which can reach up to 70%. So, we have found out that there is a different cost per click by the type of advertising links, as well as the relevance and so to speak format and profitability of the topic. On average, by the above characteristics, if 10 users clicked on the ad cost 0.6 cents per 1000 views of your video, you get 3 dollars, and the remaining 50% is taken by Youtube. Thus, the real price for 10 transitions can be about $6.

From this calculation it follows that: 

  • For 1000 views you get = $3. 
  • For 10,000 views and 100 clicks = $33. 
  • For 100,000 views= $ 330 For 1,000,000 views = $3,300.

Final word

As we can see, YouTube provides a good way to make money on the Internet. Therefore, if you are a blogger, and it does not matter a beginner or with experience, the monetization of the channel should be a priority. After all, the potential profit at long distances can be simply fabulous.

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