Top 12 Funny Facebook Pages You Should Like

funny Facebook pages

Social networks have increasingly become important in people’s lives. They gradually begin to play the role of not only a way of communicating with many friends and datings, but also a full-fledged source of information. So, catch a complete, cool, and funny FB pages list that can lift the spirit.

Among the enormous amount of information, we prefer to subscribe to the latest news portals, groups with excellent facts and witty communities that make popular memes. The meme page is especially relevant because we want to share any fun picture with a friend and put it on personal pages. 

The main benefit of Facebook is numerous pages. If you dig further into this social network, you can find information on any topic. As you understand, the most popular Facebook pages are memes and jokes. We talk about five strange, absurd, and funny pages that definitely deserve attention.

1. Garfield Minus Garfield is an existential journey into the mind of an ordinary guy.

Garfield Minus Garfield

“Garfield minus Garfield” is one of the best funny Facebook pages. It is a project dedicated to comics about the cat Garfield. All heroes are removed from each strip, except for the unlucky Garfield’s owner, John. The result is a “journey deep into the mind of an isolated guy who is struggling with loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb,” full of longing and existential horror. The Facebook public duplicates posts from the website of the same name, but getting them in the news feed is much more convenient.

2. Bizarre art is a daily dose of surrealism. 

Bizarre art

There are pictures, videos, GIFs on the subject of art and madness, as well as their relationship. The best definition of this Facebook page would be just the word “weird.”  

3. Suffering Middle Ages is medieval paintings, murals, and engravings with captions.

Suffering Middle Ages

One of the funniest Facebook pages is “suffering” for two years. The creators select paintings and frescoes of the Middle Ages and resourcefully add topical comments to them. Caution! It is possible to injury religious feelings!

4. Memes is a daily dose of entertainment. 


The Facebook Memes page was created in 2012. To date, the number of subscribers achieved astonished 18 million individuals! The acc doesn’t concentrate on a specific sphere (for instance, only grim humor or trippy conversations), and posts memes related to workaday life. As one of the most popular funny pages on the social networking platform, Memes are suitable for every person.

5. Student problems is a home of all the best student comedy. 

Student problems

This account is one a touching page among the whole funny Facebook pages. Here subscribers share jokes related to school and student life: stress, deadlines, the pressure put on by parents, first relationship. Everyone recognizes themselves in childhood and youth. A community of 9.7 million subscribers knows how to please young subscribers. Here you can find grim humor, funny pictures, and videos, as well as all of what goes hand-in-hand with youth. 

6. Sarcasm is medicine for your stupidity.


Creative people of all countries and fields, unite! Sarcasm is a platform that not only lifts the spirit but educates, promotes art and entertainment content to the masses, as well as gives a chance to look into the lifestyles of creative individuals in order to combine persons from all around the world.   

This community will be appreciated by people who have a little understanding of art. The stupid requests of customers, the throes of creation, and much more await you with impatience.

7. Dude is a part of our daily life. 


A meme page created in 2013, Dude posts memes beyond specific themes. Impressively, the four authors behind one of the funniest Facebook pages have used its achievements to start a meme specific smartphone app. The app is its own social media community with a meme feed and the module to follow other users.

8. Sarcasm server is a tenement of obscene humor.

Sarcasm server

This is a community for lovers of sarcasm, topical posts, jokes, and mature humor. Of course, this limits the group’s audience (but just a little). The number of people is growing every day; admins are happy to accept fresh ideas and exciting schticks from subscribers. Be prepared for a shock, enthusiasm, verbal confrontations, and all of what diversifies our life in social networks. Ready, set … Subscription!

9. See more is a provider of the best viral videos and articles. 

See more

It is difficult to find a middle-aged person who is not subscribed to See More – a funny account with peculiar and cynical humor. The name See More is a play on this meme page’s mission to help users, “See more of the best videos, memes, jokes, and everything else straight to your newsfeed.” The page is dedicated to Millennials users and addresses dating, sports, holidays, and more. See More is considered a “breeding ground of content” and loved for original ideas and trippy comments. 

10. All about Pusheen the Cat. 

Pusheen the Cat

As you understand, this one of the funniest Facebook pages is about cats. We assure you that you will laugh at the adventures of the cute Pusheen cat for a long time. I want to note that since the launch of this page, it immediately became popular. And now the public has about 9 million subscribers.

11. The Nerdiest is a movie news portal.

The Nerdiest

This cinematic account stands out in the crowd of funny Facebook pages. In this public, you can find anything from fun interviews and articles to parodies. It is updated daily and is one of the most popular Facebook pages. Chris Hardwick is one of the founders of this funny page and is famous as a comedian. The page is filled with different content that will provide extraordinary amusement for you. Anything from witty interviews to nerdy parodies could be found here.

12. 9GAG makes your life happier. 


This is my favorite. The content here is diverse and focused on a different audience – from schoolchildren to the elderly.  I especially love witty and surreal comics. Humor, maybe for some it may seem specific, but just right for us. Humor may seem specific, but just right for me.

The above mentioned the best funny Facebook pages are enough to keep you laughing out loud after grueling work. Let us know if you know more funny content sources and pages on the web.

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