Hashtags On Instagram: Do You Use Them Correctly?

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You might think you just need to guess 20-30 hashtags, and they will boost the reach of your posts. But that is a misconception. The secret is applying niche hashtags, mixed with more often used. There is a free Hashtag generator where you can search for hashtags by keys, mark them, and copy. This tool helped me to boost organic engagement without running ads. 

In this article, you will find the right way to use Instagram hashtags and tutorial on the tool I’ve discovered recently. Test this strategy, and in a short time, you’ll attract your audience. 

Follow these 3 rules when putting hashtags on Instagram

#1 Chose only relevant hashtags

Make sure that hashtags you copy and enter are related to the post content. Additionally, you better bypass general hashtags like #family, #us, #good. My point is –  no one follows these hashtags, so why to put them in a caption? They list tons of spammy content, not connected with your target clients and audiences. 

Even worse – IG authorities put users under a ban for using this kind of hashtag. That’s why you can only improve your experience with specific hashtags, close to your niche. 

#2 Don’t repeat your sets

When the hashtag mix is ready, don’t use it in the same way again. Firstly, you can switch the hashtags order. Secondly, it’s better to refresh your set with new findings and experiment with other combinations. 

The point is Instagram is smart and can recognize when you repeat the same hashtags numerous times. It may even result in a short-term shadowbanning. How to diversify your sets?

Explore hashtags for each product separately, add and mix them with location hashtags. The database of Toolzu includes more than 12 mln hashtags, and they are updated. 

#3 Popular hashtags are hard to stand out

When you put only competitive hashtags, your content might be overlooked. If users in the TOP feed have thousands of likes, and you hit under 100, your chances to get to the TOP are minimal or zero. 

That’s one more reason why you need to include specific and less popular hashtags. The Hashtags searcher I’ve found shows detailed analytics – average likes number and time in feed for every hashtag.  I’ll explain to you how to mix hashtags in a winning balance when you pick 30 hashtags. 

The best way to find Instagram hashtags

To get started, you need to sign up; no worries, it will take less than 5 mins. Open the tool and follow my footsteps:

#1 Keys indication

Primary, you should have in mind for what image and post you are looking for hashtags. Connect your keyword ideas with the main message or image you cover. Pick up to 5 keys and separate with commas, push Generate hashtags:

Advantage – you can explore hashtags using an alphabet – Latin, Cyrillic, etc. Also, you can use any language. 

Other solution integrated with AI:

  • find by a link to an actual IG post;
  • find by uploading an image. 

#2 Check the boxes using effective proportion

As you see, hashtags are arranged by collections, considering the challenge of appearing in the feed. Here is the best balance for your set:

  1. High – less than 4. We don’t need many of this category; they are broad, popular, and spammy, which is not good. 
  1. Medium – less than 12. These are difficult middle hashtags we need for change. They are connected to the keys but also competitive. 
  1. Low – over 15. This part is for niche hashtags, letting you get to the TOP and describing the image precisely. We need them a lot. 

#3 Plan numerous combos

As I mentioned before, we need to change combinations for better results. Outline sets for future posts. Change the hashtags order and replace some of them. Keep on tracking the combinations in a document or posting schedule. 

#4 Evaluate the effects

Exploring the Instagram analytics is crucial when determining the best combination you need for upcoming posts. Can’t view the stats? Manage your account to business – it’s free. 

In the post insights, users can see how many views of their posts are from hashtags. You should put hashtags in a caption to see this. 


Don’t give up if the first effects of applying hashtags were not great. It demands some experience and tests to notice a significant boost. Keep in mind, new hashtags emerge daily, while obsolete hashtags can even get banned. Use the free hashtags searcher to uplift and simplify your promotion! 

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