How to Turn Off When Your Active on Instagram

How to Turn Off When Your Active on Instagram

how to turn off when your active on instagram

You probably wonder how to turn off when your active on Instagram, but you can actually do it yourself. It is possible to disable this feature on an individual account or even a group of friends. Read on to learn how to hide your activity status on Instagram and keep your friends in the dark. By disabling this feature, everyone who follows you will know when you are online. Also, the ‘Now Active’ feature will disappear from your DM section.

Disabling ‘Show when you’re active’

Disabling ‘Show when you are active’ on Instagram means that no one can see when you’re online. This is useful if you’re always busy and don’t want other users to see when you’re not online. This feature also works in the reverse direction – when you’re offline, others can see when you’re online. You can disable this feature per account, too.

Once you’ve disabled ‘Show when you’re active,’ you can turn off notifications on the app’s activity status for other users. This way, you can respond to messages only when you’re free. Of course, this will only affect people you follow, so you should limit the number of people you follow. Otherwise, it will be very hard to stay connected with everyone.

However, some users don’t want their followers to know their last activity. To turn off this feature, you can navigate to Settings > Account Info>General Information>General>Account Details>Activity Status. You’ll notice that the DM menu appears. Click on the “DM” menu and then scroll to the bottom. Once there, you’ll see an option to toggle on the ‘Show when you’re active’ feature.

Disabling ‘Activity Status’ for a group of people

If you want to hide certain people from your Instagram profile, you can turn off the ‘Activity Status’ feature. To do this, simply go to the settings page, then select the Privacy tab. Scroll down until you see the option “Show Activity Status.” Tap the checkmark next to Show Activity Status to remove it. If you have multiple accounts, you must disable the function for each one separately.

Changing your Instagram settings to hide your Activity Status will prevent other users from viewing your photos. It will also hide your username from other people, so you will not be able to see their pictures or videos. It is important to remember that Disabling ‘Activity Status’ for a group of people on Instagram requires you to go to each account and disable it for all of them.

Hide your activity status

If you’re a bit concerned about privacy on social media, you may want to know how to hide your activity status on Instagram. You can do this by going into your profile and tapping on the three lines in the upper right corner. Next, tap on Settings, then scroll down to the Privacy section. Scroll down to the Activity Status option, and toggle it off. This will hide your activity status from everyone, but it won’t appear to anyone who doesn’t follow you.

If you want to keep the privacy of your DM messages, you can turn off your activity status on Instagram. This will prevent other users from seeing your activity. However, you can’t disable read receipts. Indirect messages will always appear as “seen” if the recipient opens them. This feature can be useful for those who are not active on Instagram, but who want to remain private.

Hide your friends’ activity

If you don’t want your followers to see everything you post on Instagram, you can hide your friends’ activity. This will prevent people from seeing your posts. If you want to hide your friends’ activity on Instagram, you can turn on the private account feature. Once you’ve done this, the only way that other people will see your content is by asking for permission. Similarly, if you want to hide your followers, you can block specific users. Once you’ve done that, you can’t see their activity.

Instagram is not the only social network that lets you hide your friends’ activity. The app also lets you follow more than one account. However, if you want to hide the activity of some friends, you can follow a new account that has no followers. When you follow a new account, the social networking website will send you a notification. Then, you can follow other accounts that you want to hide.