What is Kodak Black’s Instagram Username?

What is Kodak Black's Instagram Username

what is kodak black instagram name

If you’re wondering what is Kodak Black’s Instagram username, you’re not alone. The popular hip-hop artist recently announced the birth of his new daughter, Queen Yuri Kapri. Kodak’s real name is Bill K. Capri. He served 46 months in prison for using false documents to buy a gun. In a video, he wore a red hat with the Trump slogan.

Queen Yuri Kapri

Rapper Kodak Black announced the birth of his baby girl on Jan. 21, naming the child Queen Yuri Kapri. He and his wife, real estate broker Maranda Johnson, welcomed their first child together last month. The couple celebrated the baby’s arrival with a gender reveal party. The party was themed as “Beauty or Beats?” and included a pink beauty bar for a girl baby and a super gremlin pop-up studio for a boy baby.


The first reason to wonder about Kodak Black’s Instagram name is that he’s already been in the news recently. The rapper was recently pardoned by Donald Trump, which he used to promote his new album “Dying to Live,” which was released late last year. However, following a series of worrying tweets, Kodak has since deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. It’s unclear if Black will change his name again or remain under the cloud for long.


If you are a rap fan, you might want to look up the rapper’s Instagram name. His real name is Bill K. Capri. He served 46 months in prison for using fake documents to buy a gun. In an infamous video, he sported a red cap with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

kodak black

Kodak Black has recently been spotted posting photos of his newborn daughter, named Queen Yuri Kapri. Kodak’s real name is Bill K. Capri, and he has previously served a 46-month prison term for using fake documents to buy a gun. In one of his most famous videos, he can be seen wearing a red cap bearing the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’.

kodak black instagram name

Kodak Black has been disappearing from social media recently. He posted a video of himself throwing money in the sea and flushing it down the toilet, and a week later he was gone. Many speculated about the reason for his departure and whether or not he would return when he found a way to retrieve the lost stacks. This question has spawned numerous memes.

kodak black’s relationship with Octave

Dieuson Octave was born on June 11, 1997 in Pompano Beach, Florida. His parents were poor and abandoned him at a very young age. Eventually, he became a rapper and went to the local trap house to record music after school. Kodak Black’s relationship with Octave was first reported in the press in 2013, when the actor proposed to his former girlfriend in a video.

kodak black’s pardon

It may be too soon to celebrate rapper Kodak Black’s pardon on Instagram, but fans are still expressing their happiness. The rapper and actor was recently released from prison, and on Trump’s last day, he was granted a pardon. He has since released music and has been promoting his new album in between prison stints. But the internet is already buzzing with speculation about how he might spend the millions he’s received.