When to Post Instagram

When to Post Instagram

when to post instagram

The most effective times to post on Instagram are between four and nine am. You can also try posting at 11 AM. However, you should avoid posting too late in the evening. The peak hour is around three to seven pm. You should try to post at these times, as the most people are on Instagram at that time. In order to find the best time for posting, you need to use tools such as Influencer Marketing Hub, Sprout Social, or Later to make sure you get the best engagement.

Influencer Marketing Hub

If you’re wondering when to post Instagram videos, you can start by researching the most popular video sharing sites. You can also check out the news coverage of your competitors. There are some rules and guidelines that you should adhere to. You should be able to reach your target audience through any of these sites. Depending on the platform, you can create a hub for your influencer marketing efforts. This will allow you to manage your campaigns, analyze them, and contact influencers.

You’ll need to track the engagement rates of your influencers across their posts, as well as gauge the efficiency of the influencers’ networks. These steps can take hours of your time and can end up costing you money. The average marketer loses three hours each day on marketing. By hiring influencers, your brand can have a more targeted, efficient strategy and increase the engagement rate.

The most popular sector for sponsored posts on Instagram is fashion. About 25 percent of sponsored Instagram posts revolve around this industry. Other industries with high engagement rates include food, entertainment, baby products, automotive, decor, and technology. Among the top influencer sectors, fashion has the most posts. In terms of the number of followers, influencers are more likely to be involved in fashion and beauty campaigns. With this level of engagement, the potential for profit is high.

Sprout Social

Having a question about when to post Instagram? Here are some tips to keep your posts relevant. Instagram’s algorithm looks at how often users interact with your posts. If your posts receive many comments and likes, your account is likely to be popular with other users. However, posting on Sundays may not get you the same engagement as other days. You should focus your efforts on posting on weekdays to generate more engagement. The usual posting hours are between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Most users check their phones in the mornings and late afternoons. It is important to post regularly on these two days to reach the maximum audience. The best times to post on Instagram depend on your industry, but there are a few general rules. For example, you should post at least twice a day during lunchtime. The most successful brands post at these times, as most people use Instagram to check their phones and socialize.

You should also post on a Sunday, since people are most active during the day. This will allow people to view your posts while they’re still active. However, you can also schedule posts on Saturdays and Sundays. It is important to remember that you should avoid posting at the same time as your competitors. However, if you post early enough, you may just catch the worm. This will ensure your post is seen by more people and attract more engagement.


After editing your Instagram photo, you can post it to Instagram with the Later app. If you want to post an Instagram story, you can schedule it with Later. First, you need to sign into the Later app. Then, drag and drop an image or video into the media library. You can also connect your Dropbox or Google Drive account to save time and effort. Once you upload your media, you can quickly organize it by time or tags.

Another great feature of Later is its ability to bulk schedule Instagram posts. Not only can you post photos and schedule comments, but you can also drag and drop images in the Later app and set up an aesthetic. Later also allows you to add filters and captions. This can help you create a beautiful Instagram aesthetic. If you’re not a professional photographer, you can also use Later for scheduling photos and videos. It’s a great tool for social media marketing.

Using Later to schedule Instagram posts is also convenient for business owners. Once you connect your business profile with Later, you can see all your channels in the scheduling calendar. You can then set up recurring posts and select an hour to post each one. Using Later is a great way to post regularly, even when you don’t have time to do so. But you need to be aware that the app doesn’t automatically connect to your business account. After that, you’ll need to download the Later App and connect it to your business account.