How to Edit Comment on Instagram After It Has Been Published

How to Edit Comment on Instagram After It Has Been Published

how to edit comment on instagram

If you have ever wondered how to edit comment on instagram after it has been published, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how to delete multiple comments or hide offensive ones. This process may require a little extra time, but it is still a quick and easy one. Let’s get started! Read on to find out how! – How to delete multiple comments on Instagram?

Can you edit a comment on instagram after it has been published?

Can you edit a comment on Instagram after publishing it? The answer to this question is yes. If you’ve posted a comment on a photo or video, you can edit or delete it. The good news is that you can delete or repost the comment if you want to remove it from view. However, it is important to note that you can only delete comments on your own Instagram posts and photos.

To edit comments on Instagram, visit the photo or video that you’d like to change and tap the three-dot icon. Then select “Edit” from the pop-up menu. Next, you can edit the text in the comment field and save it with a checkmark. Note that you cannot edit comments that have already been published by another person. You can only edit comments that you have written yourself.

If you’ve made a typo, or wish to make an editing suggestion, you can do so in the comments section. There’s no way to change the content of your comment once it’s been published. Fortunately, there are other ways to edit comments on Instagram. If you’d like to clarify a previous comment or modify a previous one, you can edit it after publishing it.

Can you delete multiple comments on instagram?

Did you know that you can delete multiple comments on Instagram at the same time? While this is an unusual feature, it does have its uses. One such feature allows you to delete as many as 25 comments at once. To delete multiple comments at once, first click the three dots icon at the top right of your screen. This will highlight the comments you want to delete. After that, click “delete” to remove the comment. Delete multiple comments on Instagram takes a few seconds to be finalized.

First, you have to go into your account settings. If you want to delete multiple comments on Instagram, you must go to your profile. In the settings, you can tap on “Clear History.” This will clear all of your comment history. Be sure to do this after you’ve deleted your post, as it won’t delete the ones you’ve already removed. This method is only available for Android devices.

Secondly, tap the trash icon next to each comment to delete it. This will delete the comment and not remove the commenter’s profile. You can also undo the action by tapping the comment icon again. After that, you’ll be able to find the comment you want to delete. Once you’ve deleted it, you can now delete the comments of other users. You can also block multiple accounts on Instagram.

Can you hide offensive comments?

Can you hide offensive comments on Instagram? Using Instagram’s privacy settings, you can hide offensive comments and delete them. You can even block certain users from commenting on your posts. While you can’t delete comments on other people’s photos, you can choose to hide specific kinds of comments. If you’re worried about attracting unwanted attention from strangers, you can hide comments left by specific people. Instagram’s privacy settings allow you to choose the amount of time certain users have before their posts are published.

To disable offensive comments, go to your profile and click on the settings icon. Scroll down to the Comments section and click on the bar that reads “Hide offensive comments”. Toggling it off will stop users from seeing these comments. This option is not currently available for posts published by non-followers. It is working to extend the feature to other languages. As a temporary solution, you can still block offensive comments, but you will be unable to reply to them.

If you have an account on Instagram, you can also choose to hide inappropriate or offensive comments. There are several ways to do this, and the process is simple: you can set a custom list of words, phrases, numbers, or emojis that you feel are inappropriate. Though the hidden comments do count towards the overall comment count, the sender of these messages will not know about them. You can even use the feature to block people who send you spam comments.