When Was Instagram Founded?

When Was Instagram Founded

when was instagram founded

When was Instagram founded? The service was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Facebook bought the company and renamed it “Meta Platforms” to better describe its purpose. Instagram allows its users to post media, edit them with filters and organize them using hashtags and geographic tagging. Since its acquisition by Facebook, it has become an integral part of the social networking scene. The service has more than 100 million monthly users.

Kevin Systrom

The idea for Instagram originated while Kevin Systrom was on vacation. He had developed a similar website called Burbn, which incorporated filters and photography. After leaving Google, Systrom worked on the idea and built a prototype before pitching it to investors, including Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. Later, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tried to recruit him for the company, but he decided to stay with his current company.

The founder of Instagram was a Stanford University graduate who was selected to join the Mayfield Fellows Program. After graduating, he interned at Odeo, the company that gave rise to Twitter. Evan was married in October 2016 to Nicole Schuetz, a co-founder of Sutro Energy Group. The company he co-founded, instagram, was founded with Mike Krieger in 2010. The company added video-sharing and was sold to Facebook for $1 billion in April 2012.

Mike Krieger

When it launched in 2010, the photo-sharing app quickly went viral. By its first day of availability, Instagram had attracted ten million users. It was primarily designed for sharing photographs in a social environment, but Krieger and Systrom made a number of technical improvements. They added Android and Windows phones to the mix, and in 2011 added hashtags to the app. Hashtags are a great way to search for posts and people with similar interests.

When Instagram was first launched, Krieger was able to recruit from a team of engineers. He’d hire engineers to work on a simple app and the backend system. While these engineers had access to the entire Instagram team, he would quickly spot pragmatic engineers who could build a better app without spending too much time building out a complex editor environment. That way, Instagram would be better able to innovate than its competitors.

Oct. 6, 2010

When was Instagram founded? Oct. 6, 2010 was the date Kevin Systrom signed into the Apple App Store control panel. The founders of Instagram, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, were working on the photo-sharing app at the time. They had been receiving beta users for weeks and had begun to build buzz. Now, the app has over 200 million users, and has become the most popular social network for posting photos.

After building a successful prototype, Systrom found engineers to help develop the app. After completing the beta testing, he started talking to venture capitalists. Later, he met Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. They eventually agreed to work together and eventually met at Odeo. Facebook was interested in the project, but Systrom was determined to build a company on his own. Jack Dorsey had a relationship with Systrom from his time at Odeo.

Facebook’s acquisition of instagram

In April 2012, Mark Zuckerberg offered to buy Instagram. Instagram had just 13 employees. At the time, Systrom had rejected the offer. Zuckerberg and his team had networked with promising start-ups, including Dropbox CEO Drew Houston and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. During their informal phone conversations, Facebook executives informed their staff of their conversations. Instagram would benefit from Facebook’s entire operations infrastructure, including data centers and people who can learn new things.

Critics seized on a document written by a high-ranking Facebook executive, suggesting that the company was buying Instagram to shut down its competition. A source close to the situation declined to say whether Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote it. Despite Leibowitz’s effort, however, he failed to garner enough support from his fellow commissioners to block the deal. In the end, the FTC approved the deal.

Success of instagram

The success of Instagram is undeniable. This US-based mobile app, launched in October 2010, lets users share photos and videos privately or publicly. Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed, from only 100 million users in 2011 to 400 million in 2016. The phenomenal growth of the social network has affirmed a Pew report, which says that photos are the new currency of the internet. Moreover, Instagram is free to use and offers a variety of tools to make photos and videos stand out.

In addition to being a great platform for visual content, Instagram is also ideal for fashion-forward brands. Fashion-forward brands can leverage its fast-paced nature to generate traffic, sell products, and build a loyal following. However, to be successful on Instagram, brands must engage their audience and start a conversation. This way, they can sell a lifestyle that fits the brand. Here are some tips to use for a successful Instagram campaign.