What Are Some Good Polls For Instagram?

What Are Some Good Polls For Instagram

what are some good polls for instagram

Instagram Polls are an effective way to engage your audience and grow your following. While a traditional post comment on the app is not enough to develop a meaningful relationship with your followers, Instagram polls go much further. Make sure to notify your followers that their replies will be received via direct message. You can also use trivia questions to get your followers’ opinions. There are numerous ways to create a poll, including the use of emoji sliders to offer multiple choice answers.

Trivia is a great idea for an Instagram poll

One of the easiest ideas for an Instagram poll is to ask a trivia question. You can ask questions related to a category, a specific product, current events, or general trivia. With the freedom to ask as many questions as you want, trivia can be an effective way to engage your followers. You can even offer prizes for the most popular answers to further increase engagement. You can also use Instagram stickers to promote your poll and share the results with your followers.

Instagram users love trivia, and using it as an opportunity to share what they know about a topic can be incredibly effective. By providing options, users can choose which option they feel is most representative of your brand. And when you’re not selling anything, you can use your poll to showcase your creative process! And because Instagram allows you to create polls with a variety of media, there’s no reason not to do so!

Deep questions to ask on Instagram

If you’re wondering what kinds of questions to ask on Instagram, you’re not alone. Instagram has a more personal vibe than platforms such as LinkedIn. You can tailor your questions to your audience’s interests, such as the “right way” to drink a cup of coffee or the best pizza toppings. You can also ask topics related to your industry, which can help spark topical conversations. Award Wallet, a business that helps travelers maximize airline points, asked their audience what their next travel plans were.

These questions are great ways to get to know your followers better. It will build a sense of community and increase engagement. These questions will make your followers feel like they’re part of a community. They will be able to engage in meaningful conversations and get to know you better. There are many types of questions you can ask to grow your following on Instagram. And remember to ask the right ones! Here are some examples:

Using quizzes to engage your audience

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram audience and increase engagement, try using quizzes to do so. Using a clear call-to-action (CTA) can help you prompt people to follow, share, or do both. Here are some great examples of quizzes for Instagram:

Many people love to play quizzes. For example, BuzzFeed quizzes have over 2,000 shares each. These social media users tend to share quiz results on their timelines, so the more they see them, the more likely they are to take the quiz. You can also use quizzes to show off your knowledge or culture. People can’t resist taking them if they find them funny.

A quiz is a great way to provide valuable information to your audience. By creating a fun quiz that gives your followers answers, you can give them some useful information about themselves. Incorporating your audience’s feedback is also a good idea. Don’t make your quiz too difficult or too easy – people might be confused by the questions, and they may be embarrassed to take them. Once your quiz has some traction, you can track how many people have taken it and where.

Using emoji sliders to give multiple choice answers

Instagram polls are a great way to build customer loyalty and trust. In addition to using poll stickers, brands can also use emoji sliders to create a more personal and unique response to their poll questions. The emoji slider lets you add a context and measure the level of intensity for each choice. This feature makes creating polls on Instagram Stories super simple.

Once you’ve set up your Instagram poll, add the emoji slider to your question. It’s similar to adding a poll. First, tap on the scale icon in your sticker tray. Then type your question and choose an emoji. Then, you can see what people are responding to and see what their average reaction is. Finally, tap on Done when you’re done.